Is Proplas waterproof?

Yes. Proplas panels are made from PVC plastic and are completely waterproof. If the panels are to be used in a wet or humid environment, we always recommend using silicone sealant between the panel joints to avoid water getting behind the panels.

**Two decors in the Proplas range are not recommended for wet areas – White Ash Matt & Silver black embedded**

Can I fit Proplas myself?

Yes. Proplas can be fitted by a competent DIY person with no need for a professional. The added benefit is the ability to fit the product using general DIY tools.

Do you offer installation instructions?

Yes. All packs are provided with full installation instructions and should be adhered to when installation takes place.

How do I store Proplas?

Proplas PVC panels must not be stored on end, leant against walls or any object as the flexible nature of the panels may induce bowing of them. The panels must be stored on a dry, flat surface within a normal heated room environment.

Handle the panels with care to avoid damage and when lifting it is recommended that 2 persons lift the panels and appropriate care is taken to avoid any injury.

Are the panels suitable for walls & ceilings?

Yes. Proplas is the ideal product for covering Artex ceiling and walls and provides a quick cost effective alternative to tiles and plaster.

How do I clean Proplas?

The surface of Proplas can be hygienically cleaned with Proplas spray cleaner, which is a mild nonabrasive cleaner with an anti-bacterial agent.

Do I need to maintain sealant after fitting?

Yes. Invariably sealants can break down over time. It is essential to ensure sealant is maintained to avoid water getting behind the panels.

Can the panels be cut to size?

Yes. Proplas can be cut to size using a fine tooth hacksaw or a sharp cutting knife.

Are the panels solid PVC?

No. Proplas is extruded PVC which has a corrugated structure. PVC material is much lighter than many other composite panels making it easier to handle and install.

How much does a pack of Proplas weigh?

8mm Approx 8.0 kg per mini pack (4 panels).

10mm Approx 10.0 kg per mini pack (4 panels).

What size are Proplas panels?

Panel Size (All dimensions are nominal)

2700mm (L) x 250mm (W) x 8mm (T)
2700mm (L) x 250mm (W) x 10mm (T)

Dimension Tolerances.

Length - 0 to + 20mm
Width + / - 2.0mm
Thickness + / - 0.2mm
Squareness +/- 1.5mm per linear meter of length.

Is Proplas CE Certified?

Yes. EN 13245-2:2008 Plastic- Unplasticized polyvinylchloride PVC-U profiles for building applications and internal wall linings. System 4 EC – CoC - IN-SH-CP-5612-13015

Does Proplas come with any fire certification?

Yes. Fire Rating tested to BS EN 13501-1:2007 achieving an F.R classification of C, s3, d0

Can I buy accessories to match?

A range of installation and finishing accessories are available to complement your Proplas PVC product, they ensure a trouble free watertight installation and on going high performance of the panels. Please ensure the recommended panel adhesive, high quality sealant and accessories are purchased prior to commencing your installation.

Can light and heating units be used with Proplas?

Yes. Ceiling lights can be used, but Proplas PVC panels should not be subjected to temperatures exceeding 60 degrees Celsius. This can cause distortion/damage to the panel, the panel may also become discoloured and as such will void the associated warranty.

Is Proplas UV stable?

Proplas PVC panels have an element of resistance to both artificial and natural UV light but they are not however ultimately UV light stable and therefore fading of panels may occur over time due to direct sunlight. To minimise this effect it is recommended that curtains or blinds are used as necessary during prolonged periods of direct sunlight.

Care & maintenance do's and dont's

Correct care & maintenance is very important to the ongoing performance of the Proplas PVC system.

  • Use a PVC compatible Anti Bacterial cleaner regularly.
  • Replace the accessible bottom edge silicone sealant periodically, or as necessary where normal degrade or discolouration occurs, to ensure a continual waterproof seal at panel edges etc is achieved at all times. A silicone remover product is available to assist with this normal maintenance procedure.
  • In shower and bathroom areas, rinse your Proplas PVC panels down after use as a multitude of various chemicals can be present within personal hygiene, hair dyes & shampoo products used in showers & bathrooms and by rinsing these away it helps avoid issues such as discolouration of sealants etc.
  • Ensure adequate ventilation is present when using your shower or bath to avoid mould and mildew growth occurring.
  • Be careful to avoid banging hard objects against your Proplas panelling as the product is a relatively thin cellular structure product and damage could result.
  • Ensure that any mechanical fixings, such as screws, used to secure items to the panelling are located into the substrate or battens behind the panelling itself so as to ensure a suitably strong hold. As Proplas PVC is a thin hollow cellular structure material it is not designed to hold any fixings directly to it.
  • Use any form of abrasive cleaner as these types of cleaners may result in dulling of your panel surface and accelerated wear affects.
  • Use any form of bleach product to clean your Proplas PVC panels as chemicals contained in bleaches can be very harsh and again could affect the surface of your panel and sealant